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Frequently asked questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions, however if there is anything else you would like to know then please do not hesitate to contact Hanna


What should I expect in my first session?

Hanna will ask you to fill out a client consultation form to find out about any pre-existing injuries and your medical history. She might also ask you a few questions about the form to clarify any exercises which are not appropriate for you


Do I need any equipment?

Hanna provides mats and any equipment used during the class or you can of course uses your own mat if you prefer


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing which you can move in such as leggings or track suit bottoms and a t-shirt. Although nothing too baggy so that Hanna can see how the body is moving


Do I need to have done Pilates before?

Each private session or small group class is tailored to the Client's needs and ability so it is not necessary to have done Pilates before to book a session. It is important to let Hanna know your previous level of experience and any injuries you may currently have so she can tailor the class to your specific needs


Can I do Pilates or start Pilates if I am pregnant?

Pilates is a great form of exercise both pre and post-natally as it helps to support the body through the changes which pregnancy brings. If you have never taken pilates before and would like to start while pregnant you are recommended to wait until 12 weeks before starting classes. Hanna is both pre and post-natally trained and continued Pilates throughout her own pregnancies.

Soft Tissue Therapy

What should I expect in my first treatment?

Hanna will ask you to fill out a client consultation form and discuss your medical history, work, lifestyle, family, previous injuries and previous treatments. Hanna will then take a full postural and joint assessment: once she has made an assessment she will discuss the proposed treatment before commencing. She will then offer some post treatment and home care at the end of the session


What is a postural assessment?

Hanna will ask you dress down appropriately so she can assess you posture and muscles. She might then ask you to do some simple movements to examine the bodies movements and health of the joints. She might also palpate the tissues to assess them further


What is Post treatment and home care?

As part of the treatment Hanna offers some remedial exercises and advice at the end of the treatment to enhance recovery and to make the changes which have taken place in the body during the treatment more permanent.

Each treatment will be adjusted based on how the body has responded and reacted to the previous treatment


What should I wear?

Hanna will ask you to dress down so that she can assess your posture and also to carry out the massage so please make sure you wear appropriate clothing, you can always bring some shorts to wear during the treatment

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